by Amelia james

If you’ve decided to solidify the online presence of your business by setting up a website, you will have to decide on an appropriate domain. This selection holds more importance than you may think so don’t just go for the first thing that pops into your head. There are three key things to consider when choosing the website domain for your business.

Business Name

The easiest domain name to choose is your business name. For example, a company called seo company might go with as their website domain name. However, if your business name is difficult to spell, using it as your domain name may not be the best decision. Try to keep it as short as you can in order for the domain to be memorable. If your company is called hopinfirst is a better website domain option than as it is easier to remember. Your website should effectively represent your company brand; hence the domain should really follow this pattern too.

Search Terms

If your business is small or new and competing in a highly competitive market, it may be wise to construct your domain name around a key search term. Perhaps you don’t have the time or money to build up brand awareness so that people know to search for your company or choose your company from the search results when looking for a specific product or service. In this case, when your brand is weak, it makes sense to therefore choose a domain name which effectively explains the product or service that you offer to those in the relevant search space. It should in this scenario match an appropriate popular search term if possible. For example, a gold affiliate site might want or but if those aren’t available then they can go for a short extension. It is believed that by doing so, you can improve your search engine performance for a search term such as “buy gold” or “buy gold in the UK”.


When choosing a domain name, you should draft a list of your favorite names in order of preference before you check availability. Many hosting providers will offer you a free domain when you sign up for a hosting package allowing you to knock out two birds with one stone. Try to secure a localized domain name i.e., if you are a UK company, try to secure a domain name. If your first choice isn’t available as a .com or local top-level domain, don’t just settle instead for a .biz or .org, try to see if your second choice is available with top-level domains first. Localized domains or .coms tend to perform better. A localized domain indicates to a searcher that you have a based or operate in the country in which they live. Localized searches tend to receive a higher click-through rate too.

Choosing your website domain is actually very important and many people don’t realize this. Take some time to consider whether your branding is strong enough to warrant a branded domain or whether a search term related domain would benefit your business more. Then, make a list of your top 5 or top 10 choices before checking availability. This will prevent you from making a rushed decision that you will regret.