Why Do You Need A Domain Name? A domain name is needed to increase your name recognition this means that a domain name makes it easy for your customers to remember your address and thus return to it more frequently and easily while branding your image. Premium domain names take it up a notch and point out that you are a serious Internet player as they add a level of trust and integrity to your site. Furthermore, many search engines refuse to list pages from free sites or only index the first page of a domain site whereas premium domain names containing 'keywords' aid in higher search engine ranking.

Getting premium domain names avoids somebody else from registering the name you want as once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available. The most popular and easily-remembered domain names are being reserved daily, at the rate of one domain name every 5 seconds! Meaning that, in the near future only vague domain names will be available to the general public.

There are other benefits to premium domain names; they allow you to use your domain address ( and virtual email addresses ( on your business cards and letterhead while letting you change your current email provider and keeping the same email address. Another benefit of having a domain name is that it protects your Internet advertising investment in case of failure of your Internet Service Provider.

Domain name suggestions should be as short as possible, memorable, easy to spell, pronounceable and non-confusable with another domain name. It is important that any domain name suggestions are names you can brand while they do not conflict with an existing trademark and are trust-worthy. The best domain name suggestions should be directly related to either your business name or directly related to keywords from your industry or descriptive of your site's content.

When thinking or choosing domain names it is imperative that you consider multiple domain names, have similar names so that your competitors do not actively confuse your customers. It is a good idea to purchase misspellings of your domain name to stop competitors from taking advantage of misspellings. You should also think ahead and obtain names for services or products you are planning to include in the future.

Finally, once you have chosen from domain name suggestions the one you want it is important that you link it to your main site from additional domains in order to aid your search engine ranking as major search engines use link popularity in their ranking algorithms.