By Amit Rajput

That small advertise before your YouTube video plays, the discount offer coupon aligned left on the random website or the Zara - Fresh Collection post that you come across while scrolling through Instagram; without us realizing these forms of media deeply influence our shopping habits. Replacing newspapers with mobile phone apps, and televisions with Netflix or Prime has forced marketers to drastically change their marketing practices. By shifting to an online platform, the chances of advertisements being noticed appreciably escalates. What better than reaching out to an audience significantly larger, at a lesser price? This is the magic of Digital Marketing!

Every method that is trying to sell an idea, product, or service via the online medium, that we regularly gain access to through our mobiles or computers, stems from digital marketing. From a quirky Instagram account, a cute 10-second Spotify ad, an interesting twitter handle to an interactive website, there is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to digital marketing. Broadly categorized, we can make these fall under two concepts: Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Very different in their natures, both bear fruits of tremendous success, but… only if done wisely and uniquely.

Social Media Marketing: It’s good to be out there

Our lives are wrapped around Snapchat, Facebook, Ig, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter. We are more likely to find ourselves spending leisure time on YouTube videos rather than going to the park or reading a book. Marketers neatly use this online activity of ours to advertise. Now, we all know, our sneaky phones and devices track our browsing habits and try to display the most relevant ads and promos. Imagine, you have introduced your brand into the market and the internet spies notice that you are having conversations about Digital Marketing or trying to know more about it. BAM! Next thing you know, there is an ad of the best digital marketing agency in Pune, (obviously they can track your location). Websites, social media platforms, they will all display digital marketing services to you.

Similarly, someone looking for what you have to provide will get flashes of your services, when you become available on the platform. Social media marketers today are equipped with creative ways to lure consumers in. Posting stories, collaborating with influencers, putting up contests, posting quality content… besides, the frequency of posting is also looked into.

Search Engine Optimization: Your website, your identity

Websites are equally important. They can do what your social media accounts cannot. They hold everything about your company and are. Meant for the customers to have great browsing and hopefully shopping experience. The digital marketing agency you consult aims to make your website rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The first few links are the ones we prefer to access. This is done by the play of keywords that you purchase. Incorporating these keywords in your website’s content, updating the websites, and making it easy to navigate through the website rushes traffic in and is known to make conversions happen.

It is very inefficient if you have to update your social media accounts and websites regularly while making sure that your product is selling in the market or trying out necessary changes or advancements. To your rescue are the various digital marketing services available. When in alliance with the experts, the professionals can give 100% to taking care of your presence on the online platform, while you can take care of the other important aspects of your business. Digital mediums make businesses flourish and this has caused an abundance in the agencies coming up. The wise will catch hold of their internet marketing service, considering the rising competition, especially in India. Be quick before the opponents or new entrants take over!