By John Khu

Keyword enriched domain names offer you several benefits and advantages. Just by looking at your domain name, someone can tell you about the main theme of your website. In fact, keywords can help you create a brand name for your business. Furthermore, the keyword enriched domain names can help you advertise and promote your web portal by using the most modern method of search engine optimization (SEO). However, the merit and applicability of SEO efforts depend directly on the quality of the domain names in relation to their keywords. Hence, the importance of keywords in SEO is very critical and urgent if you want to make your web portal commerce-enabled.

Domains with good keywords can help you adapt very useful and lucrative PPC marketing techniques. PPC marketing is a growing business technique that helps you build a very strong online presence. An innovative technique helps you advertise your business by using good keywords. In practice, PPC marketing involves airing advertisements for your web portals by using practical keywords. If someone clicks on your advertisement box placed on different websites, he or she will navigate to your site and have a look at the contents published on the website. A productive click occurs when someone actually visits your website.

To make your PPC marketing efforts practical and cheaper, you must ensure that costs of clicks are low. To achieve this, you may wish to raise the base click-through rates (CTR) and enhance the quality of web pages. However, to ensure better success, you must have a keyword enriched domain name at your disposal. A good domain name will give credibility to your website. This will eventually help you raise the CTR.

You can write a PPC ad by adhering to established principles of PPC marketing. In fact, there are three main parts to your PPC advertisements.

a) The Headline

b) The Ad Text

c) The URL to Click

However, the last part of the PPC needs is very critical to the success of PPC. Before starting your PPC campaign, make sure that you stick to the following rules.

The importance of domain name extensions: Domain extensions are very important for PPCX campaign. While people still use extensions like .biz and .net, using a .com extension still makes a lot of sense. This extension is very professional, and it gives a sense of professionalism to your website and PPC campaign. Finding a good .com domain name could be very difficult these days. However, a careful search may help you find an acceptable name that can eventually help you flag off your PPC campaign.

The power of capitalization: Make sure that you capitalize the keywords in your PPC ads. This simple step can help you generate many PPC clicks through to your website. It is also possible to raise the quality score of your website in the Google search engine.

Employing keyword enriched domain names are very crucial to make your PPC campaign a successful one. It will also help you generate enough traffic to the website. Domains that contain practical and feasible keywords can assist you in making your online venture into an individual business brand.