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Namebio shows 714,977 reported .com sales $100 and over. The Non Coms have a total of 183,361.

There have been $1.6b in reported .com sales vs $384.6m in the non coms.
Sedo reported 60 domain sales of $2,000 or more on its 10-27-20 sales list. I identified 13 end user sales when I wrote the report a year ago. Today, I’m able to identify an additional 24 end users. (Some of these domains may have changed hands again since the original report.) That means that at least half of the domains went to end users. It’s also interesting to note that 36 of the 60 domains have been developed or forward to a developed site. Let’s start by reviewing domains that weren’t on the original end user report: $19,800 –... (More)