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I try to be diligent about setting a β€œreal” minimum offer I would consider. Depending on circumstances, I may consider selling a domain name in that ballpark. For instance, if I have a sales dry spell right after paying taxes, I might consider selling closer to the minimum than if I have been killing it.
I have been brokering names for many years, not at the level that a Rosener or Evanson does, but for some clients that I have known for many years.

One such client just deals in .tv and I have brokered some names for him in the $10k to $20k range. Most of these transaction were me also knowing someone on the buy side and it was an easy match.

Push Domain Names

By Nyamache

There are many terms for domain names. I was browsing the internet and I happened to come across the term Push domains. I went ahead and I found all about it. The good thing about this service is that you can move it to another account. If you happen not to know what it means, then here is some useful information for you.

Sometimes e-commerce entrepreneurs may like to change ownership of their domain names to another person. In this case, do they have to wait till it expires in order to shift ownership? Nope, there is one... (More)